Harm of passive smoking

Harm of passive smoking

Addictions – a personal record of each person. On the one hand it is difficult to argue with it. But on the other side of the smoking people it is quite possible to put on one level with other sources of environmental pollution today. Scientists proved that harm of passive smoking is huge and can lead to a set of diseases. As the smoker influences those who are near him and how to avoid developing of diseases we and we will discuss in more detail.

Consequences of passive smoking

Today did not hear about harm of passive smoking, perhaps, only lazy. However very few people are capable to present actual scales of this problem. For example, parents often do not think that passive smoking of their children can lead not only to emergence of this addiction at offsprings, but also to diseases which are suffered sometimes by smokers.

For example, often inhalation of tobacco smoke promotes developing of such diseases as bronchitis, pneumonia, cough, etc. And it in spite of the fact that not smoking person receives only a small part of those substances of which tobacco smoke consists. However at their constant inhalation, lungs and all organism of the passive smoker receive the doses of toxic agents capable to lead to many diseases.

For comparison it is possible to present what volume of poisons gets to an organism of the smoker and healthy person which within an hour is in the smoked room:

Components of cigarette smoke (the inhaled dose, mg)

Active smoker (1 cigarette)

Passive smoker (1 hour)

Carbon monoxide



Nitrogen oxide












Solid and liquid substances






By approximate calculations, passive smoking within an hour on harm degree for an organism is equivalent to a half the smoked cigarette. Besides, the carcinogens which are contained in tobacco smoke accumulate in lungs and can be in them up to 70 days. And if the room in which it is accepted to smoke is aired, a part of hazardous substances all the same remains in air.

Doctors pay special attention to such problem as passive smoking during pregnancy. For a start it is worth mentioning that smoking of the husband can become the reason of problems with conception of the child. And each subsequent smoked cigarette reduces chances of couple of pregnancy emergence. If conception nevertheless happened, the woman needs to avoid in every way those places where it is accepted to smoke. Influence of passive smoking on the pregnant woman can lead to the fact that the child who receives a part of nicotine together with mother's blood himself partly becomes the passive smoker. Thereof he can be born with a low weight, and further have problems with sight and respiratory organs. Continuous impact of tobacco smoke on the pregnant woman increases risk of a so-called syndrome of sudden death of the child when the kid about one year dies without the reason seen on that.

Passive smoking – as to avoid it?

Today with smokers and their addiction fight around the world is announced. The ban on smoking in some countries already makes the first success in public places. So, in Canada several months later after the ban on smoking in some cafes, health of employees of institutions began to improve. Also income of these institutions as there clients who were afraid of passive smoking began to come improved. In general, scheduled maintenance is conducted in many companies, educational institutions and other public places.

Not to fall a victim of tobacco smoke, it is worth avoiding places where smoking is authorized. If smokers are among acquaintances, then to ask them to smoke far away from the non-smoking person too will not make special work. In what situation you would not face tobacco smoke, try to hold at least the breath that harmful particles did not get to an organism. Remember that your health in your hands.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team