Harm of tobacco smoking

Harm of tobacco smoking

All harmfully know about what to smoke, and here that does harm to health, know not many.

Harm of tobacco smoking

After the long researches it was revealed that in cigarette smoke there are about 400 chemical compounds which do serious harm to health. The most dangerous among them:

  1. Pitch – cancerogenic substance.
  2. Nicotine – poison which in the past a long time was used as rat poison.
  3. Carbon monoxide in a large number can lead to suffocation.

Tobacco smoking – an addiction which brings huge damage to an organism.

Smoking consequences

  1. Cigarette smoke has harmful influence on mucous membranes of airways. Long smoking causes a thickening mucous practically by 5 times that in turn complicates breath.
  2. The chance to get stomach ulcer increases.
  3. Tobacco smoking provokes appearance of various respiratory diseases. At people who smoke the constant dry cough, short wind and other problems is observed.
  4. One more serious problem which is caused by tobacco smoking – osteoporosis. In smoke there is a cadmium which negatively influences a condition of a bone tissue.
  5. Very serious disease which often leads to death – cancer. At the smoking people the lung cancer, throats, mucous, a gullet and a bladder most often develops. To all fault cancerogenic connections which are in smoke.
  6. Tobacco smoke promotes loss of vitamins. In particular it concerns vitamin C.
  7. Smoking negatively influences a condition of heart and vessels. Nicotine provokes increase in warm reductions, pressure, viscosity of blood and a clotting.

It is not all list of problems and diseases which are caused by smoking.

To leave off smoking very difficult and to make it it turns out not at all. Disposal of tobacco smoking – rather long process which often demands the help of the expert.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team