Health and computer

Health and computer

at the computer usually has long sedentary and motionless character. If not to follow certain rules, then such work can lead to many problems with health. In particular, there is a threat of decrease in sight, pain in a back and muscles of hands. That will lower risk from takikhnepriyatnost, it is enough to acquire several simple rules and receptions and to periodically put them into practice.

[br/] Strong deterioration in sight is observed at people who spend in work at the computer 6-8 hours a day. Constant observation of small symbols on the screen of the monitor is serious load of the visual system of the person. At such symptoms as decrease in visual acuity, lachrymation of eyes, head the bolyuzha should begin is anxious. Dlyasnizheniya of an adverse effect of the computer on your sight take such advice:

  • Lighting in the room where you work on the computer, should not be too bright, but, at the same time, and too dim.
  • That when reading the text from the screen to avoid the excessive tension of muscles of eyes and, as a result, development of short-sightedness, the distance from the monitor to eyes has to make not less than 60 cm.
  • Every 60-80 minutes works on the computer take a break for 5-10 minutes, every 2-3 hour – for 15-20 minutes. During breaks it is useful to do exercises for eyes and hands. Every 20-25 minutes surely you translate a view of some far subject, it is the best of all to look in a window. To get rid of feeling of dryness of eyes, blink more often and cover eyes for 5-6 seconds.
  • When typing try to look as little as possible at the computer screen, concentrate the look on the keyboard.

[br/] Because of long work as a zacomputer you can feel numbness or wrist pain. It is result of monotonous work as fingers and hands, such as movement of a mouse or press on the keyboard during the long period of time. [br/] Also from motionless work at the computer arise back pains. It says about the developing scoliosis and osteochondrosis. To save itself from unpleasant feelings and pain make the following:

  • Adjust on height a computer chair so that the look rested slightly below than the top point of the monitor. It is necessary to incline the monitor a little back.
  • In operating time it is the best of all to hold hands horizontally, elbows have to be bent at right angle and lean on chair armrests. Periodically do the simplest warm-up for hands and fingers, i.e. just bend and unbend them.
  • During the long work at the computer each 25-30 minutes change a pose for more convenient. The back has to be direct, but not intense. If there is a feeling of fatigue or back pain, lean back on a chair back, close eyes and completely relax for 2-3 minutes. After that warm up a little, you resemble about the room, stretch. At strong fatigue it is also possible to rinse slightly cool water a face, hands, a nape – it will help you to cheer up.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team