How beautifully to wish to the guy good night

How beautifully to wish to the guy good night

That the guy did not forget you, it is necessary to remind him of himself. Especially it is useful to do it before going to bed that the dreamland him was filled only by you.


1. You spent with darling remarkable day in nature, had a rest on the beach, rode water bikes, ate too much ice cream both happy and happy came back to the city. Darling saw off you, and you remained one. But impressions of last day overflow.

2. In the evening before going to bed dial number of darling to wish it good night. Tell how everything was fine, and thank him for such wonderful rest. Show it the admiration of last day, report that very much you love it and you will look forward to the next meeting. It is quite possible that it will prepare even more fascinating program for next weekends.

3. One more option. If you did not see each other quite long time: for several days he went to a business trip. In that case it is better for it not to bother with a long talk in the afternoon, he after all is busy with production questions. And here it is possible to wish good night in the evening and to have a heart-to-heart talk. Tell it as you missed as to you it is sad without it.

4. Surely remember some joint happy moments which you had prior to its trip. Remind of some act which it made for the sake of you and as you admire still. These general memoirs will give lyricism and intimacies to your conversation... Even if to this guy gathered to go to local night club, you can be sure that after the conversation at it this desire will disappear, and he will go to bed to accelerate time of your meeting.

5. And one more most popular way to wish to the guy good night is to send it a sms. Only try to be at the warm and gentle loss for words intended only for it darling. And if you want to lighten it a few mood, then choose from a set of the texts offered on the websites something ridiculous with humour and send it. Be sure that since morning he first of all will call back to you together once again to laugh at this joke.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team