How closer to recognize the person

How closer to recognize the person

The started friendship or love pushes people to desire to become as it is possible closer to a subject of the sympathies. And feelings sometimes do not allow to estimate the person objectively. In the future not to regret about day of your acquaintance, try to know the friend better.

1. Try to listen more, but not to speak. It will be good if you start a conversation on the topic interesting you and you will wait when the interlocutor joins in a conversation. Unfortunately, people, in the majority, prefer to speak. Therefore your interest will help the person to relax and, perhaps, to become more frank. If you not really well know the interlocutor but only you try to find a common language, do not ask very private matters, show tactfulness.

2. You descend to the person on a visit. External habits and hobbies can be far-fetched, people often pursue fashion or try to imitate peers. And here house furniture, especially if the person lives one, can tell a lot of things about his character. Pay attention and to a situation, and to various trifles. Notice, the ideal order or an awful mess do not characterize the person from the bad or good party at all. You remember, circumstances are different: the person could just not manage to clean up or guided purity only before your arrival - therefore do not draw hasty conclusions.

3. You spend with the person much time. Properly to understand character of the friend, it is necessary to rely not only on words, but also on acts. Observe how the person behaves in unusual situations, try to reveal weak lines and fears. Learn in more detail about his enemies, sort out why there was any given conflict. It will give you the chance to understand how it is impossible to behave with the one who interests you.

4. Communicate to friends and relatives of the friend. Perhaps, its attitude towards close people cardinally differs from what you feel in relation to yourself. At the arising love or friendship there is every chance to become really close, and you should estimate in advance that waits for you in the future. Try to see the person interesting you from the different parties and be objective. And the sincere attention and participation, most likely, will strongly bring together you with each other.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team