How it is correct to caress the woman?

How it is correct to caress the woman?

Men love when they are recognized as excellent lovers. Really to earn this status, it is necessary to know how it is correct to caress the woman to excite her and to present sheer pleasure. Not only the physical contact, but also exchange of feelings and emotions is of great importance for women.

How it is correct to man to caress the woman?

Female body very sensitive therefore gentle touches by hands, different soft objects, for example, a plumelet, and language, give it improbable pleasure. That the girl felt improbable pleasure, use erotic massage which allows to caress the woman, beginning from finger-tips on a leg and to the top. Special attention needs to be paid to erogenous zones which in most cases are on a back, a neck, a breast, well and, of course, in the field of intimate bodies. Use not only hands, but also kisses, language, etc.

How correctly to the woman to caress a breast?

At once It is necessary to tell that the sensitivity at erogenous zones of a body and breast is changeable, and everything depends on extent of excitement. For this reason it is worth passing to caress of a breast only after a long prelude. The most sensitive zone in this area are nipples which can be caressed fingers, but it is better to do it by language. Still stroke all breast a palm diversely. Extent of pressing should be regulated depending on excitement of the lady. For caress of a breast it is possible to use aromatic oils which will improve feelings. Carrying out massage, pay attention to reaction of the girl.

How it is correct to caress the woman's clitoris?

The clitoris is the most sensitive part of a female body and at the correct stimulation it is possible to bring quickly the lady to an orgasm and to present it bright impressions. It is possible to caress a head of a clitoris not only hands, but also language.

Councils as it is correct to caress a clitoris to the woman language:

  1. Make easy tangent movements which are similar to strokes.
  2. Support caress with language rhythmical pressing by a finger on a head.
  3. Language you drive around a clitoris, at first in one, and then in other party.
  4. Make the caressing movements up, down.
  5. Help yourself lips with which it is possible to clasp a head and to concern it language. Make the soaking-up movements.

Caressing a clitoris language, it is possible to use hands for stroking of hips, a breast and other parts of a body. The finger can be entered into a vagina and to make movements backwards-forward. All this by all means will bring the girl to peak.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team