How it is correct to suggest the girl to meet?

How it is correct to suggest the girl to meet?

Many consider that to suggest the representative of a fine half of mankind to become your girl as easy as shelling pears. But if you look for the answer to a question as it is possible to suggest the girl to meet, so she really was pleasant to you, and you want to show far-reaching intentions. Appointment invitation is not enough as in the different countries and among people it is perceived differently. The girl can apprehend it as just a way of pastime, but here we will give several relevant advice how to make everything it is correct.

What to tell to the girl whom you suggest to meet?

There are situations when the young man does offer of this sort to the pleasant girl and is refused. It develops a certain uncertainty, but that the similar situation did not arise, initially it is necessary to check and whether it is interesting you as the guy to this girl? Present it already your companion to life whether you are ready for the long relations with it? If yes, begin with fight against the uncertainty.

How it is possible romantically to suggest the girl to meet?

It is the best of all to create romantic atmosphere that the representative of a fine half of mankind understood about your intentions. Here imaginations know no limit, especially for romantics. It is possible to organize a meeting in some beautiful place or cafe. Picnic invitation where you will tell it that you would like to know it better will be original. Such thorough training will not be disregarded, the girl by right will estimate it.

During so serious conversation behave surely, think over words, gestures and all situation. From you the sincerity and warmth have to proceed. Gestures and touches have to be easy and unostentatious. Pay special attention to places of touches that the girl apprehended you correctly. It is desirable to take at a conversation her by hand, to look in the face. It is better to give preference to quiet places as among noise you can just not be understood or not be heard. Thinking as it is correct to suggest the girl to meet, surely take care of the appearance. Girls always estimate, how well the guy watches himself. Be able to present yourself, try to amuse her.

Through what is the time to suggest the girl to meet?

As for time, here at each person everything occurs differently. One rather week acquaintance, others can look narrowly long to each other. When at a meeting with the darling you feel nervousness, to it it is not necessary to offer to bring the relations as with such emotions your uncertainty will be most of all noticeable to this period.

The modern youth can not think of correctness of the offer therefore cases when the young man just sends the SMS message to the darling with a question are frequent: You will meet me? It looks unoriginally. Thinking over what words to suggest to meet, try to formulate not too long phrase not to lose the meaning. If you gave preference to sending the SMS message, then try to make it most briefly, precisely, but it is not banal. Words have to proceed from your soul and as much as possible express your intentions. It is possible to write something like: To me it is very good with you, I want us to become closer to each other. Will you be my girl? Drawing up Variations in this question the weight, the main thing - sincerity and confidence that the woman understood, what your intentions. Perhaps, she will answer not immediately, but above-mentioned advice will help to achieve her heart.

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