"How it is correct to throw the guy that did not take offense?

"How it is correct to throw the guy that did not take offense?

They say that it is easy to get to the relations, it is much more difficult to leave these relations.

This article in a short form gives advice how to stop the "toxic" relations.

As it is beautiful to send away the guy, without having offended him: ways

Quite often young guys too busily behave at communication with girls. They try "to fill" with themselves all vital space of the young person. It can become real a problem. Therefore depending on a type of communication there will be also otshivaniye methods.

Important! It is worth taking this step after careful consideration as the popular wisdom speaks: "Look before you leap".

On correspondence

If there is no opportunity and desire to put the final end to the relations at internal communication, it is possible to make it in writing, the benefit in modern information space there are no barriers. So, all reasonable arguments about impossibility of the joint relations are given.

If all rational and logical admonitions are exhausted, the sense of humour comes to the rescue:

  1. To start correspondence about children, at the same time without interruption to send a photo with sweet chubby babies with words: "What bed will take — with wide wheels or a yellow matrasik? And your grandmother will knit a cape by a hook, or we will cost mine? At us it remained as new". Vestie such correspondence follows without interruption, easy, with an easy raid of humour. As a rule, young people cautiously treat children therefore the near-term outlook of paternity, most likely, will cause panic, and the gentleman will prefer to stop the relations with you.
  2. Talk in a chat about a fast wedding, a dress and ten-level cake, it is necessary to conduct without interruption, forcing the guy to listen about quantity of sequins on a hem and an infinite reasoning on a mastic shade on the sixth tier of wedding cake, will force even the most annoying guy to retire forever.
  3. The good result is yielded by correspondence about those things and problems which he, frankly, hates. And you have to be verbose and persistent. For example, he hates cats. In this case, messages to the guy have to depart in the form of amusing photos with cats, infinite stories that your friends leave the pets at any opportunity to you on overexposure, it of course strains, but these cats such... And the story in writing is farther.

Briefly we will sum up the result. Correspondence has to be or silly (in case the gentleman the snob) on sense, or with humour (at total absence of sense of humour at it), generally to cause desire "to curtail" literary trash.

Whether you know? Gipopituitarizm — a rare disease at which the person cannot have feeling of love.

Delicately at a meeting

For this purpose it is necessary to retire, you should not begin a conversation in the presence of people and furthermore relatives or acquaintances. The conversation has to be polite, but concrete. It is necessary to let know in a tactful soft form to the person that he does not interest you as the man. It is possible to give arguments: "I love other guy", "Why to you the girl who does not love you and will hardly fall in love?". Anyway, it is not necessary to wound male self-esteem if the person adequate, without manifestation of moral terrorism.

Phone conversation

The telephone conversation has to, as well as the internal conversation takes place without "foreign ears". The conversation has to be competently and is structurally built, but without aggression manifestation. It is desirable, a monologue to think over in advance. It is impossible to show in a coquetry conversation, it can be regarded as flirting and hopes for continuation of the relations. The main thing is to choose in advance a formulation of a phrase which will allow to stop the relations.

Phrases which are better for speaking

How tactfully to let know that the relations are impossible:

  1. Our views of the world and the solution of problems are opposite.
  2. We perfectly spent time, but continuation will not be.
  3. I reconciled with the ex-boyfriend (the groom, the husband).
  4. You are a wonderful person, do not force me that I sent away you rudely.
  5. Why to you the girl who does not love you.
  6. Be a man — leave me alone.

What cannot be done and speak?

There are phrases which you should not tell at break in relations:

  1. As the man, you are zero.
  2. Your intelligence at the level of a plinth.
  3. Extent of your development as at the pithecanthropus.
  4. You are a full loser and in the future you will have nothing.
  5. You are a financial impotent man.

Important! Under no circumstances, it is impossible to speak to the guy about his physical, physiological features or shortcomings, in a pejorative form to carry on a conversation about his family.

How further to live after parting?

Here also there came freedom instant. At once there is sense of euphoria, there is nobody ecstasy thanks to disposal of "unnecessary cargo". But whatever the relations were — spontaneous, fleeting, "disposable", there can come a certain devastation after a while. Psychologists make recommendations as accurately and relatively to be painless parting process. Is not necessary:

  • to suggest to remain friends;
  • to idealize the broken-off relations;
  • to rush, as to a whirlpool with the head, to new.

Learn how to reconcile with the guy after parting.

Summing up the results, it is necessary to remember that on some time there has to step the period of "silence" that thoughts and feelings came to a condition of harmony, otherwise spontaneous acts can not only interfere with creation of the new relations, but also aggravate unpleasant emotions from previous.

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