How it is pleasant to beloved to make

How it is pleasant to beloved to make

If you want to support harmonious relationship with the man, it is necessary to be able to listen to his requirements and interests and from time to time to do for him pleasant surprises. The man who will feel attention in relation to the person will love you even more.


1. Be always friendly with the man, hold a positive vital spirit.

2. Keep purity and order in the house, learn to cook various original dishes and surprise the man with culinary novelties.

3. You remember what objects of your clothes and what jewelry use the increased sympathy at the man. You carry them more often – be pleasing to his eye. Also try to wear more often that jewelry and things which it gave you – it will remind of the attention paid by you to its gifts.

4. Pay attention to hobbies of the man. Even if you do not divide some of them, descend with it on soccer, buy tickets at cinema for the movie which the man wants to watch, go with it on fishing. The man will estimate your participation in what is valuable to it.

5. Communicate with the man not only on subjects which are interesting to you. Remember that subjects have to be interesting to a talk also to him. If the policy or sport are interesting to the man, learn to conduct small and pleasant talk on these subjects.

6. Do not limit yourself in intimate life, try to bring to the man at most pleasures and try to diversify sexual life that it attracted you and your man even more.

7. And of course, do to the man unexpected, but pleasant gifts – from the simplest to unusual. Depending on addictions of the man, you can present him the interesting book, the movie, a new tie, a beer mug, an unusual ashtray and so on.

8. Do not allow the relations to stand, you bring in them a fresh wave, do not stop to surprise the partner, and he will answer you with the same.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team