How just to anger own husband

How just to anger own husband

It is very simple to anger the husband if you also want it. These councils to you in the help! They are similar to "Bad advice" of Grigory Oster and are intended for application, of course, with an accuracy on the contrary.

1. To meet the husband from work with phone near an ear and after that the man do not like to speak with the girlfriend still chaskak when their wives speak by phone! And all because they feel: now the wife not with it. Besides, having come home from work, tired and hungry, the husband expects attention and a dinner, and here do not pay attention to him. Offensively …

2. Zaplakatvot what the man definitely does not love, so it female tears even if they have no relation to him. When to you it is bitter and you cry, do not wait that the husband will begin to calm you, to inquire, sympathize … He thinks that you cry because of it, because of its some acts or words! And he such good, in everything tries, everything does … Means, you – the ungrateful and whimsical bitch. Here and reason for rage!

3. To tell what good husband at a podrugina, it is in general classics! To compare the husband to other men – a direct way to swear! The husband wants to think that he is the most important and most ideal person in your life, and it appears – are better … 4. To take its mobile phone and to read SMS KIA also to open its page for VKontakte or Schoolmates (certainly, under his password), to check e-mail. You know that it is bad to spy, but the temptation is too big. Here will be to noise! 5. To manipulate the seksombolny head every evening, unflattering statements about its men's advantages, punishment sex, a conversation about household problems in the middle of the love game … All this can enrage even the quietest man because sex at men – on the first place! 6. To tell that his mother – bad hozyaykavariation – is not able to raise children, badly prepares, tastelessly puts on, etc. Mother for any person – sacred therefore it is impossible to speak badly of the mother-in-law if you do not want scandal! 7. To use its favourite thing not on to naznacheniyuperelit melted fat in its favourite cup, to shave legs its new safety razor, to take its French cognac and to use it as a part of a mask for hair... The list can be continued infinitely. Angry cries blessed will be loud! 8. To bring order to its things and objects to hobbirazlozhit brands or coins at discretion, to remove dust its collection models, having broken accidentally some detalka, to remove far away books which as it seems to you, in a disorder are piled on its table … Women, do not touch favourite toys of the men! 9. "To saw" the husband concerning his uvlecheniyrybalka, a garage, the car, friends, computer games – all this for the man ways to remove stress, to relax and plunge into other world other than daily occurrence. The husband was only going to relax, and here you with the claims! Yes how many it is possible to suffer it?! 10. To turn on the vacuum cleaner and to begin to vacuum during abrupt football matchabez comments!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team