How many does the postnatal depression last?

How many does the postnatal depression last?

Scientists say what from 10-15% of women faces a postnatal depression, and here when begins and how many lasts, they definitely cannot tell. And it is not a lack of researches, and in identity of process which causes various options of succession of events.

Symptoms of a postnatal depression at women

  1. Concern for the child, doubts in his health and the future. Young mother accuses herself of all failures, even the most insignificant occasion leads to feeling of own otioseness and uselessness. Suicide thoughts can be observed.
  2. Frequent feeling of uselessness, depression and fatigue without the special reasons. Also at women it is possible to refer insomnia, constant despondency, sensitivity and tearfulness because of trifles to symptoms of a postnatal depression.
  3. The strong alarm and panic which are supported by violations of pulse. The aspiration to make the mechanical actions deprived of sense, frequent headaches.
  4. Causeless suspiciousness, peevishness, hysterics and intended provocation of conflict situations.

When begins and how the postnatal depression lasts long?

After appearance of the child it is quite natural to feel breakdown, but gradually it passes, and young mother learns to get the joy of communication with the child. And here at a postnatal depression how many the woman tried, the condition of despondency lasts day by day. As a result child care brings only irritation and devastation, apathy and fatigue pursue every day. In certain cases the depression develops directly after the delivery, in others the woman even during incubation is in such mood therefore the birth of the baby only aggravates it. And happens that young mother externally copes with the melancholy, and symptoms of a depression become noticeable to people around only in several months after the delivery.

How many the postnatal depression lasts, will depend on the woman and her environment. Without support of the family it will be more difficult to get out of such state though there are cases, as it does not help. Quite often young mother herself worsens the situation as, having noticed symptoms of a depression, does not go to the doctor, and hopes for improvement or tries to crush alarm soothing medicines. As a result negative feelings collect that leads to more serious consequences.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team