How many there lives the love

How many there lives the love

Some people say that the love passes absolutely over time, or changes in mutual understanding, respect and a habit. But very few people want to believe that this ardent feeling gradually begins to die away.

How many there will live the love

Unless it is possible to stop loving the loved one over time? To stop loving the child? Or the parents? No! Because this love will not change throughout all life. So why with an opposite sex not always so? And all because people confuse sexual inclination and desire with spiritual proximity. Falling in love, people besides sublime feelings feel attraction and passion to each other. This feeling is also modified over the years. People change, become more senior, sexual preferences and outlooks on life change. For this reason the mad passion is also changed over time by the measured relations. And as for feelings in case they really real, they remain invariable in any life situation. If in several years after the beginning of the relations you suddenly understand that your love already died, know that you never loved this person really. You could have to it different feelings, but it is impossible to call them love.

The passion which is often confused with love dies away in a couple of years. It is really succeeded by a habit. People often take fading of passion for the died love.

What is told about love by scientists

The love includes two types: the first type is a love to a shiver in knees, in this case the person just does not control himself, and becomes we will gain a love object. Often such love is short-lived because hormones operate it. The love accompanied with warm-heartedness belongs to the second type, such feelings arise generally at the very first love.

Has long character only that love which arises and increases gradually. As a rule, such love has long character, and it is possible to call it love "for the rest of life".

How many people had to fall in love once and for the rest of life? There is a set of examples of unextinguishable love from life. When the best friend, having married and it is seemingly quite safe, continues to love Sashka from the 11th "And". Here in this case it is also about the first love which for many and becomes the last. It turns out so that in marriage they only allow to love themselves. And that unrequited love felt by them in youth is not comparable with what they have today. Of course, to them it is easy and comfortable with the person, both the sexual, and emotional party of the relations, it seems, arranges, however there is no that euphoria, that impulse which has to be and force heart to fight without restraint, from which at the same time there is a wish to cry and laugh. At that moment, apparently, that the whole world is created only for two. According to scientists, the romantic love lasts from 18 months to three years. Over time the love takes a new form of the relations, such as attachment and respect. But whether so it actually? If the neighbour's fellow loves the little girl from the entrance 10 years, beginning, for example, with the first class? Probably, silly to try to understand love in terms of science. The love is a feeling which cannot be explained in any way.

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