How not to be jealous the man

How not to be jealous the man

The feeling of jealousy is destructive affects also your relations with darling, and your personality. Get rid of this dangerous emotion, live in harmony with the soulmate, and life will be simpler, and you are happier.


1. Work on a self-assessment. Perhaps, you are jealous because are insufficiently self-assured. Do not compare yourself to other women. Understand that you the original, the unique person, and is not similar to anybody. The fact that near you darling, means that he holds the same opinion.

2. Trust the partner. Do not imagine it is unknown that about darling. You have to think better about him. If the person did not betray you and did not give a reason to doubt itself, think on what basis you do not trust it.

3. Understand that the jealousy acts on you it is destructive. It corrodes you from within. Stop a stream of the thoughts as soon as he addresses a negative side, and think of something abstract.

4. Refrain from manifestations of jealousy at least because of unwillingness to offend it darling. Control yourself to keep the relations.

5. Try to put more often yourself to the place of your man. If it was not pleasant to you how arrived in any given situation, and you were jealous of him, think what you would make if you were a man. Perhaps, its actions were dictated by elementary politeness.

6. Manage to laugh at yourself. Most often your reasons for jealousy are simply ridiculous and absolutely groundless. Consider a situation from the different parties, and you will notice absurdity of the behavior.

7. Take care of the own life. Give to time to leaving for in person more, than to destructive feeling of jealousy. At the next attack begin to think out a new style of a dress or a hairstyle. Think of anything, hair color, the vacation spot during the next holiday if only it was related to you and did not concern in any way a subject which forces you to be jealous.

8. Talk to darling. If he sometimes provokes you, explain to the man that to you late returns without call are unclear and the innocent in appearance flirtation with the waitress is unpleasant. Do not make scandal, just let know that it upsets you. The one who values your relations will change the behavior.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team