How not to become boring for the man

How not to become boring for the man

It is unpleasant to realize that your beloved lost to you interest, especially if he speaks about it in clear. To avoid it, it is important to adhere to certain recommendations.


1. Change the appearance and behavior. Be not afraid to experiment with hair color, style in clothes and even hobbies. You learn to turn from the passionate mistress into the cozy hostess with fragrant borsch. From the cold unapproachable queen in the little delighted princess. The main thing - do not change too quickly and do not cross through own desires in a pursuit of result, otherwise your changes will look affectedly and unnaturally.

2. Constantly develop. If you have the higher education – it, of course, is good, but you should not stop on it. Read interesting books, trace world news, learn foreign languages and so on.

3. Show interest in affairs of the man, his achievements, ask about people with whom it works, about projects. Learn to support a conversation. It very much is pleasant to men.

4. Be inventive in sex. Even if you flashed at breakfast knowledge of the second echelon of actions, at supper took an interest in its affairs, but to sex do not show interest – it will quickly bother your man. Think out something new, do not hesitate of the body, constantly surprise the partner. Then you will to it is interesting not only as the pleasant interlocutor, but also as the desired mistress.

5. Be well-groomed and sports. Men love beautiful women. You watch the appearance, weight and manners.

6. Fall in love with its hobby and a circle of contacts. You should not be completely absorbed by the man, but here fall in love with a couple of his interests and it is just necessary to find a common language with several of his friends. It is important that you had some rest the general, otherwise everyone will live life.

7. Do not become isolated on the partner, be not dissolved in him without the rest. So you will lose yourself and will become faceless and uninteresting. Be better imperceptible, keen, very busy and attractive woman, and then with you it will not be boring for the man.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team