How not to compare men

How not to compare men

It is unlikely there will be a man, it will be pleasant to them to learn that the ex-husband or the guy of his beloved was with her more gentle, attentive, talkative, passionate, etc. Such talk almost always leads to misunderstanding on both sides.


1. When the woman begins a similar conversation, she waits from the man of understanding and attention which, most likely, lacks it. The man considers these conversations paradoxical, and not without the bases. That as it is possible to imagine better what humiliation is felt by your darling, put yourself on his place. It is unlikely it will be pleasant to you to learn that its former did this salad more tasty and "in general, with it was about what to talk".

2. It is important to man to know that he at you only. If you love it, do not speak "half asleep you stretch almost like my being" (it just will not tolerate it). It is more appropriate to tell how you like to wake up with it in the mornings. Focus on the best lines of that person with whom you live or you meet now. Allocating positive sides, try to experience his identity. Remember, than it could draw your attention? If he managed to interest you, so in him there is an originality, not similar to anything?

3. Respect your feelings and the relation to each other. If you intend to have a heart-to-heart talk, think whether to both of you will pleasantly stir in memory of an event of bygone days. Even if someone from you will unflatteringly speak of the last relations, it will obviously not add a highlight to your or its positive image. Independently of each other you will begin to analyze behavior with other partners, projecting it on your present relations. Even if you agree not to return to this subject any more, memories of it long will not give rest to either him, or you.

4. Think why you so often remember the former man. Perhaps, because your feelings to it did not cool down yet. In this case it is necessary to understand own experiences. Perhaps, for this purpose you need the help of the psychologist. Anyway, you will have to make a choice between two men. In whose advantage it will have – to solve only to you, but the longer you will pull, the your joint life will become more difficult.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team