How not to disappoint darling

How not to disappoint darling

If brightness of emotions, feelings does not allow to estimate at an initial stage of love soberly the partner, then then you begin to see not only advantages, but also shortcomings. The relations risk to stop in a routine, and there at all to break up. How to retain interest each other, not to disappoint darling?


1. Do not forget about old right flirtation. During acquaintance you resorted to it to attract interest of the vis-a-vis. But also the coquetry is farther, flirting will serve kind service, will help darling not to distract from your delights. Do not refuse and from now on small female tricks. You are convinced soon that firing by eyes or whimsically mumpish sponges work also effectively, as before.

2. Only the self-assured person can count on equal partnership, attracts reciprocal interest in the person. You remember pluses of your nature and delicately remind of them to dear friend. Men are able to distinguish expensive thing. Give it yourself as such precious gift and suggest to appreciate your unique personality.

3. Try to be attractive in any situation. It is better to hide an old habitual dressing gown far away. Get more erotic dress. A silk peignoir for meetings in an intimate situation or a seductive evening dress with the teasing decollete will make you more sexual, more attractive.

4. Express sympathy for the dear person more often. Show interest in his life, become the attentive interlocutor and the listener - and it will be difficult for it to do without you. But surely listen to his desires.

5. Ease in communication, simplicity and clarity of nature are the most valuable qualities for good relations. They are especially attractive to an opposite sex. And still sense of humour. If clouds begin to be condensed, the situation threatens to develop into the conflict, the joke in time told from shares of healthy self-irony will help to relieve the tension.

6. Smile more often, behave easy and naturally. Just be a happy and cheerful person. Believe that you the most charming and attractive woman in the world. And you will never disappoint the dear friend.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team