How not to fall a victim of crime?

How not to fall a victim of crime?

It is impossible to take everything that happens in life under control, but it can make it safer to any person. To some extent each of us is too careless or credulous, giving in on tricks of swindlers and speculators.

How not to fall a victim of crime, deception or violence?

It is necessary to carry out very simple rules which we often neglect. But if we are slightly more careful and more provident, then we will manage to preserve the health, wellbeing and even life.

How not to fall a victim of attack of the maniac, the tyrant or the thief on the street?

  1. You should change sometimes habitual routes and to go to work, on a visit or on affairs in other ways. You have to know well them, pay attention to arrangement and an operating mode of institutions by which you go the nobility where usually happens populously and where it is always desert what section of the road is worse lit and what - is better.
  2. Every time when to you to have to go along the street in the evening, use the safest way. It is better to increase it, but not to go on badly lit road through waste grounds, squares or dumps. You do not take place in loneliness through dark tunnels and lanes.
  3. If already darkened, and you leave somewhere or assume to return late, tell the relatives where you and when you plan to come home.
  4. Never use proposals of strangers to give a ride to you. Especially it concerns young girls as to them not to fall a victim of crime, attacks of the maniac, it is necessary to be even more careful and attentive. If the car stopped at the roadside and the driver or the passenger want to start talking to you, stand on safe distance, especially if it became already dark; do not bend, do not look inside. If you feel that the person is aggressive and can be dangerous, shout and run in the direction, opposite to the car.

How not to fall a victim of crime and to avoid violence in the youth company?

Your relatives always have to know how to contact you even if you have a rest with friends. Keep composure and judiciousness and in the atmosphere of fun, thefts, rapes and murders most often happen under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Feeling danger, try under any pretext to depart and to imperceptibly leave a party. Leaving the apartment, cafe or club, warn house and report when to them to wait for your return. If the unfamiliar person suggests to give a ride to you home, do not agree.

How not to fall a victim of robbery or fraud on a travel?

  1. Do not concern personal subjects in a conversation with fellow travelers, do not mention in a conversation how many money at you at themselves what are valuable things
  2. Staying at hotel, you remember that the most part of crimes and thefts is committed where numbers are not supplied with phones and locks. Do not agree to accommodation in such conditions at all. Even if you very much got tired on the way - check whether number and a door on a balcony is reliably closed and also - as keys are stored. If they well lie directly on the administrator's rack, it will be better for you to find other place.
  3. In what country you have a rest - not so important, it is possible to fall a victim of swindlers and speculators both in the European capital, and in some resort in Asia. For example, in England or Spain you can be brought down from legs or scatter something in eyes, and the passersby full of sympathy and desire to help, will imperceptibly pull out at you a purse or valuable things. And the cameleer in Egypt, suggesting to photograph you, will refuse to return your camera until you pay it a certain sum.

Observe reasonable foresight as to fall a victim of criminals and swindlers it is very simple, but not so difficult and to avoid it. It is better to protect itself, taking precautionary measures, than to be upset because of own carelessness.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team