How not to fall in love often

How not to fall in love often

Life in a condition of eternal love is not so hospitable as could seem. It is more similar to a vicious circle. All new and new elects and darlings merge in continuous circulation of persons, each new feeling seems to you stronger, than previous, and continuations of the relation do not receive, bringing only grief and carrying away in search of new impressions. It is impossible to forbid itself to love, but it is possible to cease to fall in love infinitely.


1. Analyze all the last love, try to understand that you receive from them. Perhaps, this feeling of ease, creative rise – in that case think what else, except romantic hobby, can give you these feelings. Perhaps, you just do not give an exit own strength and emotions. Send them to the new course – play something useful, for example, sports, art, dances. Remember that it is impossible to be at top of an emotional rush constantly – sooner or later inclination either weakens, or it is replaced with more deep feeling, or exhausts and leads to nervous exhaustion.

2. If love gives you a sense of security, supports, you will need to look for a source of warmth and rest in yourself – otherwise you will forever put the life into dependence on other people. If you do not accept yourself and are inattentive to own original desires and motives, any person is not capable to give you this attention and acceptance. The lack of love does not mean absolute loneliness.

3. Try to understand that attracted you in your elects or darlings. Perhaps, it will be the same - a certain warehouse of character, extraordinary hobby, similarity of interests. Wonder whether you take admiration of the outstanding personality or the joy of communication with the adherent what lines of your own character force you to look for rapprochements with people of a certain warehouse for love.

4. You see things soberly. Do not idealize the person with whom you are in love, try even to look specially in him for shortcomings. The real person will strongly differ from the image created by your imagination. Try to become more critical to own feelings. Do not give in to temptation immediately to switch from the love object which disappointed you to search new and the best – there are no ideal people, and sooner or later in everyone you will notice something unpleasant for you. Think whether you are ready to spend all life for search of an unattainable ideal which, strictly speaking, you are not.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team