How not to get used to each other

How not to get used to each other

When you are in love, life is filled with new paints, emotions, feelings. It seems what so will be always. However there passes time and what was quite recently perceived as huge happiness, becomes daily and boring. The longer you together, the less remains unsolved secrets. There is a habit to live near the person. How to keep the love and not to lose interest to each other for many years?


1. Think whether it is not too frequent and on trifles you criticize the spouse? Also buys not that, both scatters clothes, and loudly turns on the TV. Similar remarks can cause accustoming, the husband will not pay attention to them any more, and the relations will only worsen. Therefore at any opportunity you praise blessed, especially, is for what: you could not marry the person without advantages.

2. Do not forget about lovely surprises and gifts: they are loved by all since the childhood, cause positive, light emotions, bring effect of novelty in the relations. Let it will be a kickshaw, a trifle, but it will pleasantly surprise the loved one, especially if considers his interests, addictions.

3. When there comes ordering and predictability in sexual life - it is the call signaling that it is time to reconsider it, while the getting is good. There is a wish to get enough sleep quietly, but not to spend time for night gestures? Then leave dreams of eternally passionate love which does not tolerate monotony. Or you act, experiment in a bed – and soon be surprised how many new feelings will appear at both of you!

4. Remember how you flirted with future spouse the period of courtings. And now decided that he forever yours, is no need to coquet and spread a tail? Believe, game is worth the candle, if you do not want a family boring routine. Continue to make eyes, as before, at it, defiantly and tantalisingly touch, especially on a visit, be seductive intriguing, always different and concerning.

5. Communicate as often as possible and at the slightest pretext. Do not become reserved, do not hesitate to share experiences and thoughts. Look for sympathy and be not afraid to encourage, regret, make a declaration of love each other. Of course, here it is necessary to observe sense of proportion, otherwise excessively frequent communication will turn back importunity and everything will spoil.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team