How not to hesitate of guys

How not to hesitate of guys

The senior generation likes to argue that the girl has to be modest. However in everything it is necessary to know when to stop. The gray mouse sitting at a party all evening in a corner will hardly fix delighted looks of admirers. If you want to build the relations with young people, it is necessary to stop them to hesitate.


1. Possibly, you are insufficiently sure of yourself and consider that you are not capable to be pleasant to guys. Roots of these complexes, as well as most of others, most likely, go to the childhood. If you seriously want to work over this problem, it will be better to address the psychologist. For now solve what is not enough for you to be pleasant to men. Perhaps, it seems to you that you are insufficiently read or your clothes are excessively official and boring. Begin to correct it in yourself! Join a public library, replace clothes – become the attractive and beautiful girl in your understanding.

2. Buy the subscription in fitness club, you go to beauty shop. Even if you only began to attend procedures, and effect it is not visible yet, understanding that you watch yourself, will give you confidence. And self-assured girls are pleasant to guys.

3. Can you start an interesting conversation, think up the witty answer, joke – but all this only alone with itself, losing dialogues in the head? Begin to talk with guys to forums. Choose those subjects which you understand, or which are interesting to you. Communication pluses at a forum are that you can edit your answer or at all ignore the message. Having trained to communicate with young people on the Internet, you will hesitate less of them in real life.

4. If you despaired and want to get rid of constraint as soon as possible – rush to a whirlpool with the head. Make reports at student's conferences, sing in clubs of a karaoke, speak at work with new projects, participate in amateur performances. After ten incidents over which you will worry very much you will become more free and liberated.

5. If the confusion in you is caused by not all strong half of mankind, and only one her specific representative, do not hurry to struggle with this feeling. Think whether it is sign that you begin to test to it something stronger, than friendly sympathy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team