How not to hurt the girl

How not to hurt the girl

The relations between the man and the woman always assume some concessions on both sides, the attentive relation to each other, care about each other and not only love, but also friendly attachment. When the relations are under construction on trust and respect, the man will make everything not to hurt the soulmate.

1. You can hurt the girl if you depart from these principles of the healthy relations constructed on respect and love. Remember that the interests cannot be put above the interests of the girl. Be not a tyrant: you cannot know better than the girl that it is better for her. It is not necessary to regard as of paramount importance the taste in clothes, food, literature, cinema and so on. If this process only began, for example, you try to choose by it a dress from which turns back it, then first she will be just angry and irritated or maybe will endure. But if similar tyranny assumes a big scale, the girl, loving you, will be forced or to engage with your stagnancy, or to leave. Save it from such need.

2. Do not trifle with her affections. It is not necessary to hope that in the woman the infinite stock of self-renunciation thanks to which she will forgive you again and again whatever you were is put. Do not cause in her jealousy, for example, after the quarrel, having gone to night club and there having made several photo with girls. The jealousy will also be present so at your relations and if doubts of the girl also be confirmed periodically, then you, it turns out, doom her to constant pain. Take a detached view of a situation: to you it would be quiet and good if your girl would go on guys with the purpose to cause in you jealousy and by that ""to strengthen"" your relations?

3. Do not deceive her. Also consider that deception can be different degree of gravity: one business to tell that in the fridge there is no cheese left though you hid to yourself a piece, another matter - to tell lies to the girl about gravity of the intentions in relation to it. Never lie to the girl, doing an exception only for a white lie. A lie all people, even do not transfer those which sometimes invent. And when such (even if also small) incidents the set collects, then the girl will understand that you treat her not as you represent.

4. Do not suppress small quarrels and misunderstanding. Between you there should not be secrets. The earlier you explain what was meant by you, and find out what was meant by her, the you will be closer each other, the your motives and intentions will be more transparent. If you also actually love the girl and are ready seriously, then before you creation of family and the birth of children lies and if your relations are already in advance constructed on any small nasty half-words, then in what atmosphere your children will grow then?

5. Do not offend and do not humiliate the girl - whether with words, acts, gossips. Of course, now in our country many got used to a mat, rudeness for a long time and so on, but it does not mean that direct insult lost the force and is not perceived seriously any more. More than it is perceived, moreover, leaves a deep unpleasant mark in soul. Even if your girl will not sustain and will throw you after your rough ""arrivals"", then then she will treat all the same people differently, knowing what angry they can be. Do not cause her to such pain.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team