How not to lose friends

How not to lose friends

Loyal, reliable friends can bring a set of the joyful moments and interesting events in your life. But it is not enough to find people, relatives to you on spirit with which it is possible to share both happiness, and a grief. Friendship needs support.


1. You should not show the egoism before friends. Friends will avoid the ambitious person. Leave whims and take for granted that sometimes you should adapt to other people.

2. It is not necessary to throw out all problems on the friends. If you really want them to help you, ask council or ask about small favor. But you should not spoil mood of all company the complaints to injustice of life.

3. Think before borrowing any sum of money at the friend. Happens that financial problems spoil even firm, long-term friendship. You should not risk good relations. Look for other getting out of difficult financial position better.

4. Do not criticize partners of the friends. If you do not like their choice, it is possible just to keep silent. But to point out to friends the defects of people whom they like to threaten your friendship, so. You keep negative reviews and the sharp words in yourself.

5. Do not gossip about the friends at them behind the back. Your innocent remark on a hairstyle or clothes of your girlfriend told with a shade of delicate irony can return to it through your mutual friends in more impressivny coloring.

6. Maintain your relations with friends. Meet with them more often. Sometimes thread of friendship is interrupted only because people do not find time at each other. Do not repeat this mistake and you appreciate those good acquaintances who near you.

7. You keep the word pledged to the friend. Be honest with it. Respect his opinion and show tactfulness in communication. Happens that people will wound the closest, apart from necessary it is correct to behave with them. Think of feelings of your friends.

8. Have the general hobby, hobby. Let your joint pastime be not limited to a sit-round gathering in cafe and walks. For certain there is occupation which unites you. Study, shopping or visit of the gym together with the friend will seem to you more cheerful.

9. Radiate optimism. People around reach for positive, friendly and cheerful people. If you are a boring grumbler, childhood friends can even run away from you.

10. Show courtesies to the friends. Surely you give them gifts for holidays. Even the inexpensive gift will strengthen your friendship and will enhance arrangement of people to you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team