How not to lose the spouse?

How not to lose the spouse?

After the wedding or just the beginning of joint life it seems to many girls, women that it is possible to relax. The man is won, happiness in a pocket. But in practice all far not so "all lived long and happily" only in the fairy tale. Statistically the highest percent of divorces takes place for the first five-seven years of family life. The woman has to will learn the man likes all the time. One business to look good on an appointment and absolutely another - is near darling 24 hours.

Daily dress

The first mistake of the woman is to go at the husband "in hair curlers and a dressing gown". The man – the conqueror, hunting at him in blood even if it is absolutely urbanized. Therefore the woman always has to remain not caught production.

Is not able to prepare

But in the opinion of a male it is worse, than the woman with a green mask on a face, can be only the woman who is not able to prepare. The man got - the woman prepared, one more precept which came from ancestors. Not for nothing in the people speak about the way to heart lying through a stomach.

Jealousy and trust

The jealousy and excessive desire to attach the man to itself often lead to excessive quarrels and scandals. Yes who in general can like paranoid aspirations of the soulmate. The woman has to be self-assured and care for the appearance, but not for length of skirts, by the passing ladies. The most important point in the family relations is a trust. The ability to trust each other will serve in any situations kind service during creation of the strong union of two hearts in love.

Manipulation with the man

You should not manipulate the man and to specify to him his place. If the woman wants to order, so she has to learn to do it tactfully and imperceptibly. To try to obtain hysterics something - a dangerous game which will inevitably lead to men's disappointment. The man has to think that he makes decisions. By no means, never manipulate the man by means of sex. Of course, in certain cases it will work, but over time to the man will bother to elicit that it, according to him, and so belongs to him.

Female persistence

Persuasive it is female even worse, than the jealous hysterical woman. Constant calls for work, inappropriate declarations of love, ridiculous surprises will begin to irritate the man over time. But also at all you should not be interested in life of the elect too.

You should not fall from one extreme to the other, it is just necessary to be oneself and enjoy delights of joint life.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team