How not to make scandal to the husband

How not to make scandal to the husband

Forgot about important date - scandal! Did not keep the promise made three years ago - again scandal! Occasions to go into a hysterics to the man the woman will find one million. However psychologists are sure: such behavior will not bring to good. Such attitude towards him will bother darling sooner or later, and behind it the door will slam. Therefore it is necessary to try very much not to make to the husband scandal. Even then, when it seems that it is simple not to do without quarrel.


1. If the drunk condition of the spouse became the reason which enraged you, do not swear. You will not achieve all the same desirable result. The best tactics - completely to ignore the tipsy spouse. Do not enter with him verbal fights, and try quicker to put him to bed better. Talk in the morning - with a fresh mind. Psychologists assure: the greatest advantage of this method is that by the morning you will already carefully think over everything that you want to tell, and you will be able to convey necessary information to the guilty husband quietly. The man on much the sobered-up head will perceive your words much more accurately and more clearly.

2. In a case when your man left on a meeting with friends, and did not take you, did not warn or in general switched-off phone, too it is possible to do without scandal. To its arrival try to calm down. For this purpose deeply breathe, at least time 10. So you will be able quicker to calm down. Meet the husband as usual. It is possible even expressly tenderly. Feed, ask as there passed evening as friends. But do not turn a conversation into interrogation. And then next day "plan" a similar sortie from the house for a hen party. What warn the husband at the last minute about. And with yourself, of course, too you will not take him. And switch off phone.

3. Psychologists assure: pulls to make scandal - analyze a situation around. For discontent with the whole world and the husband, in particular, surely there has to be a reason. Troubles at work can sometimes become it. And if you understand that to get nasty and be rude with the husband pulls you after the next beating of the chief, stop. Transfer the boiling energy to the peaceful course better - think up how to be rehabilitated at work or what to answer the chief.

4. And, maybe, you just had not a rest long ago. When you feel that the husband irritates you so that pulls to make him scandal out of the blue, gather in a holiday. Even if small, for about two days. You will have time to sleep off, have a rest and to think why collected you vent the anger on the spouse. And then, perhaps, it will become easier for you to forgive it any given shortcomings which before rest caused in you powerless rage.

5. If you are going to go into a hysterics to the husband for his treason, stop. Psychologists in this case say that from you and the guilty spouse tries to obtain scandal. So it will become easier for it - he "is punished". Despite pain which was caused to you by news of this sort try to calm down and get it together. Arrange yourself a respite, stay alone. Whether be at one and solve for yourself it is worth remaining near such person. After a small break talk to the husband quietly. It will be most difficult for it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team