How not to make the wrong choice of the husband

How not to make the wrong choice of the husband

Marriage - no laughing matter. Most of young couples on a registry office threshold desperately believe that this union will last all life, but dreams often fall, and those unions - break up. Not to make the wrong choice of the husband and to live together with it long and happy life it is possible only in case you are ready to estimate attentively and impartially the candidate for spouses to the press in the passport.


1. Look for the person with similar living position. The base of family is based on religion, outlook, plans for the future, the relation to work and money. If you in any question have basic divergences, most likely, your joint life will not develop.

2. Pay attention to his family. Relationship in it is capable to tell a lot of things about the man. The next moments are important: whether full family, the son's attitude towards mother, and mother - to the son, the relations with brothers and sisters, with the father. All this is postponed in subconsciousness, your man will seek unconsciously for creation similar to parental the union, with the same traditions that pursue it since the childhood. Therefore in case his family essentially does not suit you with something, it is necessary to break off the relations.

3. Recognize close friends and girlfriends of the elect. They are capable to tell you about how the man spends a free time in what circles he communicates and as estimates himself. In addition, estimate its relations with women. The gallantry and respect speak about good education and the imparted habit to respect the weaker sex.

4. You do not hurry to enter marriage before you recognize the partner in life. Many unions suffer crash in the first year because of the total incompatibility in everyday issues. Surely live together at least half a year - so you will secure yourself against disappointment in family life because of the scattered socks, rippling of a stomach on a sofa and other impartial habits of the elect.

5. Do not indulge opinion of family and friends. Try to perceive it as a minor, but not decisive factor in the choice of the husband. Rely only on yourself, the feelings and emotions. Of course, if made you conceited, and all repeat around that the person you chose unworthy, it is worth thinking. In other cases your allies will be Sense and Sensibility.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team