How not to offend relatives

How not to offend relatives

On close people often break for bad mood or failures. And at the same time they are least of all protected from such attacks and very often are not guilty of anything. How to save them from itself, to try not to upset and not to offend?


1. You hold negative emotions at yourself. Having come back home after unlucky and intense day of work, dismiss all bad ideas behind a door. It does not mean that you cannot share with close problems or ask for suggestions. Just do not break on them for offenses at work, study, quarrels or the arisen conflicts. Having found out that the apartment it is not removed, make a remark only for it, but you do not shout and do not remember all last affairs to splash out the collected negative emotions. It can offend very strongly.

2. Care for people close to you and help them. Perhaps, except you to them it is simple there is nobody to address. At the same time do not forget to show an initiative, sometimes the family just hesitates to ask about something, being afraid to hear in reply refusal or an offensive phrase that at you and there are a lot of affairs.

3. Find for them time. You call the relatives as often as possible, and it is even better – meet and communicate. Sometimes everything that is necessary - it is to ask about affairs and health, to chat heart-to-heart or to tell something daily about itself.

4. Respect the family. Remember that everyone has the right to the opinion and personal time. Do not swear about it and do not punish them for the decisions made by them. Especially it concerns children who sometimes do not want to follow your advice, for example, in the choice of future profession, the partner in life or even usual circles. In such situation the best that it is possible to make – to give a piece of good advice.

5. Listen to opinion of relatives. In spite of the fact that you consider yourself independent long ago and all-knowing about lives, a piece of good advice yet damaged to nobody. Especially parental. Even if you will not follow it, it is worth paying attention to it nevertheless. Perhaps, it will allow to look at some situation on the other hand. Remember that relatives give to you advice not because consider you silly and dull and because love and worry about you in any situation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team