How not to react to former

How not to react to former

Parting – always difficult process which leaves the marks. Even having left the young man, girls can torment themselves with memories of it and monitor his private life. In such cases it is necessary to get it together and to try not to pay attention to former.

1. Stop any contacts with your former if it is unpleasant to you. Some girls by the kindness try to maintain the friendly relations with the guy though it and brings them anguish. Think why you left. Perhaps, you will manage to remember negative sides of its character which you just hated. If you present the ex-boyfriend in negative light, it will be easier for you to stop thinking about it.

2. Avoid meetings with the young man. If you often face in some shop, go the same route, etc., try to change your habits. Visit other shops, use other routes or try to leave in other time not to be crossed with former. If to you it is heavy that you work or you study together, it is possible to change specialty or to be transferred to other group if you have such opportunity.

3. Begin to be engaged in some business, new to you. It is possible to start occupations in sports or dancing section, to go to swimming or to attend cosmetic procedures. Having changed itself, you will be able to say goodbye to antecedents.

4. Look thrills. It is possible to do some flying on the hang-glider, to drive on the water bike or to be engaged in rock-climbing. Also you can be sent on leave to the exotic country, and impressions received from a trip will eclipse bitterness from recent parting.

5. You spend more time with your close relatives and girlfriends. At a difficult moment they will surely come to the rescue of you. You should not become reserved and to spend time alone. Tell them about the problem, and they surely will help you to forget negative thoughts as soon as possible.

6. Try to find new love and to construct the relations which you always wanted. You have an opportunity to begin everything with a new leaf and to meet the young man who will always love you and will never throw.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team