How not to remember about the ex-girlfriend of the guy

How not to remember about the ex-girlfriend of the guy

The jealousy of the past, especially unreasonable, can destroy any relations. But forget about the ex-girlfriend of the guy it can be very difficult. Especially, if he works with her together or lives near her house.


1. At first try to cope with a situation independently. Your young man with you, but not with it. And to worry there is no occasion. It chose you, and it remained far back in the past. Carry out auto-training, in certain cases it can help. Convince yourself that there are no reasons for jealousy. It finished the past. And you continue to live in it. It will not lead to anything good, will only destroy your feelings.

2. You drive from yourself bad thoughts. If at you it is impossible to make it, think up to yourself punishment. For example, after each thought of the ex-girlfriend of the guy you will have to make 10 squats or push-ups. You will kill with it two hares at once. First, you will begin to remember it less. And secondly, you will make the figure better.

3. Fill up the free time. The less it at you will be, the less you will remember bad. Sign up for additional courses or to the pool. Try not to spend time alone. If you constantly are something or are busy by someone, then bad thoughts will very quickly disappear.

4. You spend more time with the guy. His love will help you to understand that you should not think of its past. Most likely, at you were before the relation too. But they ended, as well as it. Believe that you will be happy with the young man.

5. If at you it did not turn out to get independently off a negative mind, try to talk to the young man. Explain to him that you are jealous him of the past. If he loves you, then will be able to explain that your jealousy is groundless. Ask it to find for you more time, and with being (if they are) to minimize contacts.

6. If you do not cope with yourself, address the professional psychologist. Only several occupations that you got rid of a negative will be required. After the conversations with dushevedy you will be able to enjoy life again and to enjoy society of the guy, without thinking of his past.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team