How not to spill the beans

How not to spill the beans

They say that the secret only then remains a secret when knows less than two people about it. Entrusted you a secret, and now you cannot sleep peacefully, knowing what is not known yet by others? Use the best efforts not to spill the beans.


1. You do not ask other people, even the closest, to tell you secrets. It concerns not only those whom pulls to spill the beans, but also reliable keepers of secrets. The fact is that as soon as you obtain information under a signature stamp "confidentially", you automatically become one of "special" people who know more, than others. But special to be uninteresting while nobody learns about it. Therefore the person also seeks to tell another, without having forgotten to add at the same time: "Only speak to nobody".

2. If someone tells you the secret, it means that it trusts you. He has nobody to share the pleasures or experiences about which nobody at the moment should not know. You hold in the head understanding of immense respect of this person to you, – only who knows his secret. If you love this person, then will not begin to betray him, having precipitately turned a secret into the main news of day. Sooner or later it will lead to loss of trust and friends.

3. Knowing a secret, be able to distinguish the compromising questions from inquisitive faces which for certain will try to check you. You stick to polite and quiet tone, think up a number of streamline phrases. For example, tell that you well are on friendly terms with N, but not so to know all his (her) secrets or object that on "this subject" you did not communicate with N. Or just hold back a secret, having shifted focus to other things.

4. Be uttered to own diary. It is clear, that to keep others secret – some kind of torture. The secret forces you to lie another. Not to lose all friends who do not love talkers, write the thoughts and experiences to a separate notebook. On its pages you can paint all details in the brightest paints. But you have to be sure that will not read these records, otherwise a secret quickly will become a public domain. And it will be very difficult for you to prove to the person who trusted in you that the diary, but not you is guilty of everything.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team