How not to spoil the relation

How not to spoil the relation

The relations are first of all a compromise between your joint desires and opportunities. And it is not always possible to dare to do in couple only what you want, without regard to opinion of your partner.


1. Remember: men do not understand hints. If you want to achieve something from the beloved, do not beat around the bush, state the wishes bluntly, but try to make it delicately. So you keep nervous system to both yourself, and him.

2. Do not strain and do not saw the man all day long. Scandal, whims or hard words you a little what will achieve. Unless another quarrel from scratch and impartial words in the address.

3. Do not offend the man by excessive jealousy and suspiciousness. There is a certain category of women who work more carefully, than the staff of FSB, checking contacts and SMS messages in phone at the elect. It looks dirty and low. Be higher than they are trust the partner. Such shadowing can enrage practically any man and cool even the most ardent relations.

4. Any problem can be solved at a round negotiating table. It means that it is not necessary to beat ware and to throw the equipment in a rush of negative emotions. It is necessary to cool down, calm down and talk only. From any situation, even, apparently, the most hopeless, it is possible to find a way out. The main thing - ability and desire to listen and hear the partner.

5. In the heat of a quarrel do not fall before unnecessary insults. The woman is not painted by reproaches and reproaches, especially groundless and inflated from scratch. You, perhaps, will also forget everything told, and your man - hardly. In any situation it is necessary to monitor the speech and to try to smooth things over because many words told inattentively will very deeply wound.

6. Do not try to change the person. To certain age at everyone the character and outlooks on life is built up. You love the person true, without crushing under yourself and without modifying after the own fashion. Any person - identity, also has the right to personal opinion.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team