How not to take everything very much to heart?

How not to take everything very much to heart?

Such problem as perception of any situations occurs among the considerable number of people it is close to heart. Such people often take offense on trifles, do not perceive criticism at all even if she is acquitted, the increased tone is accepted as roughness, and if reaches insults, then it causes the real panic and, perhaps, tears. This oppressing feeling to take everything personally, very much prevents to live normally. It becomes difficult for person to construct the relations with people and to be in society which is not ideal. It is also difficult to achieve career progress, for this purpose it is necessary to possess not only professional qualities, but also to have strong character. Therefore, kind of difficult it did not seem first, it is necessary to learn how to get rid of this problem and to cease to take everything very much to heart.

How not to take everything very much to heart in the relations?

The ability to empathize is high quality which can be noticed not at everyone. But it is worth thinking when after the talk in difficult situations the words of sympathy are expressed not just, and everything is adopted into the account and the person begins to experience the same emotions, as the interlocutor in spite of the fact that the problem does not concern it personally. Of course, it is normal if it is about very loved one. But if all the time to take very much to heart others problems, then after a while such experiences can do much harm to own health, both psychological, and physical.

It is in that case recommended to find for itself interesting occupations which will bring positive emotions and will help to distract from unnecessary thoughts. Also it is necessary to communicate with positively adjusted people more. Besides, it is necessary to cease to watch news and movies with negative coloring. Such materials are more calculated for people at whom on the contrary it is necessary to develop feeling of empathy.

How not to take everything very much to heart at work?

In any working situation there can be unpleasant situations. It is necessary to learn to treat it more simply and not to perceive everything closely to heart as constant stresses and depressions can lead to mental disorders and other problems with health. Therefore it is necessary to develop in itself resistance to stress and also after day of work to forget about work and to be engaged in something that will help to distract and relax. Of course, first it will difficult do. To become the strong personality, several years of such trainings sometimes are required.

How not to take everything very much to heart – councils of the psychologist

In terms of psychology, for many people the issue how not to take everything very much to heart, remains topical therefore some professional advice will help to cope with this problem:

  1. Often, this unpleasant feeling arises at people with a low self-assessment. It is important to learn to love himself and to appreciate. Sports activities are useful not only to health and a figure, but also help to develop self-confidence and to temper character. It is worth choosing for himself general physical exercises and to be engaged in them 3-4 times a week.
  2. Life of each of us consists of pleasures and failures. Problems are not eternal therefore it is necessary to solve them in process of receipt. Coping with difficulties, the person becomes stronger spirit therefore from everything it is necessary to try to take out for itself a lesson.
  3. Many people because of the suspiciousness begin to look for in a mimicry and the words of the interlocutor negligence to themselves. Though often it is not true at all. But even if it was noticed and haunts, then it will be better to talk to this person and to learn in what a problem, than to take offense and avoid communication.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team