How not to think of the ex-boyfriend

How not to think of the ex-boyfriend

Meetings and partings, the real and former beloved – while the person is young, life boils, one love is replaced another. The most strong feelings develop into something bigger. But not always. To be painless through break in relations – a task difficult. And it absolutely is necessary to think of the ex-boyfriend. However it is necessary to aspire to it. And it is necessary to make it to move further, towards to new feelings.


1. Physical clarification of space has to become your first action. If you together lived, pack all its things, all trifles which remind of it, all clothes, photos, magazines, in common bought bed linen, etc., put in a big box and report to the ex-boyfriend. If he does not wish to take away the things, transfer them to a garage or give to charity organization.

2. Remove its contacts from all phones, city and mobile. Do not forget to remove it from ICQ, Skype, to refuse "friendship" in Schoolmates, VKontakte and other social networks.

3. Be engaged in redistribution of time. Spent the whole those hours which you devoted to the guy earlier behind joint affairs, fill with very interesting occupations. Will seem to you that it is a lot of time, spend it for education, courses of English or driving, studying programming, development of various manual crafts. Be engaged in self-improvement. After all, even campaigns to the gym load with a positive and provide with an excellent figure.

4. Try not to look for meetings with the ex-boyfriend, do not represent suffering and do not draw attention to yourself. You left, put an end. You do not go to places where you can happen. And do not think of revenge at all.

5. Internally it is much more difficult to accept the parting fact. But it is necessary to be prepared for it. You do not see the ex-boyfriend any more, reminds nothing to you of him, you have many interesting occupations. If it gives relief, in the letter or SMS thank the guy for all good that you had. It is possible to ask forgiveness if is for what. Remember everything that united you, put in a big suitcase and mentally put it for a door.

6. Meet new people. Now, when your heart is free, you can meet the charming young man who, perhaps, and will occupy all your thoughts.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team