How not to think of the husband's mistress

How not to think of the husband's mistress

Treason of the husband – the most painful treachery for the loving woman. It is not so simple to get rid of the pain which is tearing apart soul connected with incorrectness of the husband. It is much more difficult not to think of an artful razluchnitsa.


1. Do not allow to develop to an inferiority complex because of campaigns of your spouse "on the left". You drive from yourself thoughts that you lost appeal therefore your spouse was forced to pay attention to other women. On the contrary - it he is unworthy you, if acted this way with the woman loving and betrayed to it. Especially you should not compare yourself to the mistress and to think of what and in what she is better than you.

2. Much more correct for you other behavior will be in this situation perfect. Take care of the own life – in every sense this word. Sign up for courses which were inaccessible to you because of a constant lack of time (you spent it for refined dinners for the husband and washing of linen). Choose the sport suitable you – morning run will encourage before day of work, and the yoga will calm, will distract from the notions of compulsion about the mistress. Meet with girlfriends and the family more often – it is better to strengthen family and friendly relations, than to inconsolably shed tears on the traitor.

3. Do not take in head to call the mistress of the husband and all possible ways to look for with her meetings. It will become easier for you from it not - on the contrary communication with that who breaks your family, will bring you a lot of additional sincere sufferings. If you begin to beg it to leave darling alone, to give him to you and not to leave children without father, to cry – it with big pleasure will tell that about everything to your spouse. Deprive of it a similar opportunity to expose themselves before your husband to the best advantage – bridle the growing desire quicker "to look to this bitch in impudent eyes", it will end with nothing good. If she calls you and to report details of intimate meetings with your husband, whenever possible do not react to its attacks by reciprocal insults and threats – it it from you and tries to obtain.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team