How not to think of the man

How not to think of the man

The relations ended or cannot even be begun, but thoughts of it constantly pursue you. Most likely, such situation is familiar to most of women. They go to bed and wake up with one thought – about it, one and only. Of course, it only worsens mood and spoils nerves therefore it is necessary to stop thinking about the man urgently.


1. Really assess a situation. Find as much as possible reasons why you do not need to be together with this person. Remember and write down as much as possible him minuses. Re-read all list. And here you constantly think of this villain? He does not allow you to sleep peacefully? Regret yourself. Think that such person is definitely not necessary to you.

2. Try to borrow every minute the free time. Shopping, meetings with friends, reading books, watching movies. Anything, only do not remain alone with yourself and the thoughts. If there is an opportunity, get additional job. It will distract you from sad thoughts moreover you will be tired twice more therefore at night you will sleep, but not to think of it.

3. Find to yourself a new hobby. It has to be interesting and take a lot of time. If outside summer, be engaged in a garden or a kitchen garden if winter – begin to ski or skate. Try to pick up a collective hobby not to be long time alone.

4. Every time as you thought of it, do something unpleasant for yourself. Go to wash the dishes, to dust, communicate with the unloved colleague or to print the report. One more option – after each unnecessary thought carry out 10 push-ups. It not only will discourage to think of it, but also still will help to bring itself into a tone.

5. Create the new novel. The truth is said that fight fire with fire. If near you there is a pleasant man, hardly you will want to think of that villain who ""lodged"" at you in thoughts. Try to communicate with men as much as possible. Compare it and those gentlemen who surround you. For certain it will lose on a set of indicators.

6. Begin to love and indulge yourself. Be engaged in the body: you go to gym, to massage, visit a bath or a sauna, regularly do a beautiful hair and manicure. Do not forget also about regular shopping, lightens the mood the same as the next bought blouse or smart shoes on a dizzy heel little.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team