How to accept the husband's child

How to accept the husband's child

Practically each woman dreams to marry darling and to raise with him the general children. But sometimes the man already has children from first marriage. Perhaps, they live with mother, and you see each other seldom, and can be after the divorce they remained with the father. But in that, and in other case there can be difficulties to improve the relations with children. Therefore for many women the question is relevant: "How to accept the husband's child?".


1. It is not necessary to try to force itself to fall in love with the husband's child. All your actions made without special desire will look insincere. If you try to seem good, to buy gifts to the child, to give pocket money, but at the same time in soul you will be tormented by jealousy, then nothing good will leave. The child will feel that your actions go not in all sincerity, and the relations can only worsen. It is better to keep in this case a polite neutrality, than to cross through itself. As the discontent will be saved and once will develop into the conflict. This position should adhere even if you live with children in one house. Especially first. Over time you know the child better, and he you, and then will be easier to improve the relations.

2. Many women cannot accept the husband's child out of jealousy. But at the same time they are jealous the man of the ex-wife, and just transfer this feeling to the child. If you realize that it so, then to you will be easier to communicate with children. And it can become the first step to establishment of the friendly relations.

3. You spend with the child more time together, without presence of the father, grandmothers and grandfathers. When is near nobody, the child will be able to open to you absolutely on the other hand. He will not need to think of how relatives will react to its actions and words. Also there can be you will be able to find some common interests and hobbies, and he can share with you some secret which he cannot tell the father.

4. Do not establish barriers among themselves and the child. Many girls do not know how to behave with other people's children therefore are closed from them. Behave naturally better. Let the child will see you such what you are actually. Can you it will be possible to make friends. If it does not occur, then you should not be upset too.

5. Be not too persuasive. If the child demands from you attention or council, answer him. If you see that he reluctantly makes contact, leave him alone. Win its attention slowly and gradually better.

6. Stock up with patience and endurance. At first, perhaps, you should face hostility of children. Try to understand them. It is heavy to them to accept that near the father there is other woman. And now she to care for him as earlier it was done by their mother. If you see that children provoke you to the conflict, be not conducted on it. You are more adult, is cleverer, wiser than them. If it is necessary to calm down, then leave to other room and take breath. When children understand that with you it is difficult to quarrel and also know you better, and the relations between you will become warmer and kinder.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team