How to accustom the girl not to be late

How to accustom the girl not to be late

How often your girl is late? What is the time you should wait for her? She promises you that she will arrive on time, and you trust again and continue to wait? And this problem is quite solved.


1. Right after the next delay (for the present at it there did not pass the feeling small, but after all the existing fault) talk to it that are guilty that you allow it to be late every time. Undertake all responsibility for its delay and promise that you will fight against it. You do not press, and you speak about it for fun. Also take an interest whether it is ready to help you with this difficult case on education of punctuality in it. Agree about future actions. The arrangement – the most important in eradication of a habit to be late.

2. Surely praise the girl for the fact that she with such determination is ready to help you. By all means remind her as far as she charming, is beautiful and sexy. It will encourage her and will adjust on the necessary harmony. Surely kiss her on the sign of the beginning of procedures for schooling to arrive on time.

3. The specifics are important. Try to find the reasons of its eternal delay together. Them she can transfer you thousands: the girlfriend called, on TV showed interesting transfer, waited until nails or hair dry. Also clothes or imperfection of a figure which force it to stand for hours at a mirror can be the reasons the girl, insufficiently big, according to, choosing what to put on exactly today. Clarification of the concrete reasons – one more important step to a solution.

4. Surely encourage it. If it was not late or was late, but not for one or two hours, and for only several minutes, you can present it a small gift: flowers, ice cream, candies. It would seem, it is a trifle, but thereby you will designate as far as its progress is important for you. You can even violently rejoice, embrace and kiss the girl for the fact that she manages to reduce delay time. Thus, you motivate her on that in the future delay were nullified.

5. Think up punishments for each delay. It should not have negative character (so you will only provoke the conflict and unwillingness to learn not to be late). Punishment has to be amusing, cheerful and ridiculous. It can do anything, to the discretion of both parties.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team