How to achieve desired love

How to achieve desired love

The cupid - the boy naughty. Sometimes he sends to heart of the person of an arrow of unrequited love. That suffers, suffers, tries to subdue darling … And sometimes achieves the objectives. Of course, not everyone manages to construct personal happiness, but, nevertheless, the persistent person who is not giving up before difficulties has more chances to achieve the desirable, than the one who does nothing.

1. Before starting active actions, try to learn as much as possible about an object of the love. Find out what preferences of this person, as he behaves with other people what purposes he sets before himself. Stay the intelligence agent: try to come into contacts with his friends, observe him from outside. The main thing, do not overdo as, having noticed that watch it, darling will become angry on you, and it will be difficult to construct with it the relations.

2. Behave with darling easy and kindly. You do not press on him, show that it is interesting to you unostentatiously. Do not admit at all, creeping on a lap, in what long ago and ardently you love: similar scenes touch people only in bad movies, and in life cause in their hearts pity, but no more than that. Wait until the relations with the guy are improved, will move to other level before telling the words of love, and it is even better, wait when he says them.

3. If you see that darling does not pay attention to you, be not upset. Think what can attract it. For example, it is possible to subdue the poet ability to listen, and physics – ability to think quickly. Be faithful to the purpose, do not throw begun halfway when you meet difficulties, and at you everything will turn out.

4. Be cheerful and active. Remember that people, in particular, of men, are attracted by those who look at life positively. Try to find in everything something good, smile more often. Only never try to deceive surrounding with counterfeit joy: it is easy to reveal insincerity. If you have a bad mood, do not pretend that it to you is cheerful, and just keep calm.

5. Before thinking how to win heart of the person, solve whether really you need it. Remember that we have to answer and the one who was tamed: to cause in someone love, and then it to leave cruel.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team