How to achieve from it tenderness

How to achieve from it tenderness

Often it is necessary to hear complaints of girls to restraint, coldness of the guys. Like, so there is a wish that darlings as often as possible paid tender words, compliments, gently touched, kissed, showed a various affection which is so expensive to female heart. It confuses the girl who appeared in such situation, sometimes upsets to tears. And more often it is occurred by a thought: "And whether really he loves me?" As to achieve from the guy of tenderness?


1. First of all it is not necessary to be upset and furthermore to be depressed. The thing is that men and women are absolutely differently suited. No, it is not about anatomic differences, and about the psychological, caused by essentially different ratio hormones.

2. Remember well: it is senseless to expect from the young man of the same behavior which would be natural to other woman. It is a serious mistake. Men are much less emotional, respectively, they almost do not attach significance to those trifles which are so important for girls in love. Rare exceptions happen, of course, but do not change an overall picture.

3. "You hint, you hint, nearly in opened …" - one more mistake of the girl. It was necessary not to hint, being indignant at his slowness, and to frankly tell what you from it wait for. Well, it was really so difficult to say something it seems: "Me it is so pleasant to darling when you tell me tender words, or gently you iron my hair, I just am thrilled with happiness!" You remember: the loved not your telepathist, is not able to read mind. And all unclear, untold him just irritates. Only several words – and you will save both of you from excess disorders and hassle. Type arguments: "I want him to guess!" are simply not serious. After all, the guy does not demand from the girl that she unmistakably guessed what he thinks of.

4. At last, do not forget: that to receive something from another, it is necessary to give it something also. Alas, the situation when the girl waits from the guy of tenderness, compliments, assurances of ardent love, courtesies is frequent, and itself it is avaricious also on kind words, and on praises. It already borders on egoism. After all, the weaker sex should be more emotional. Show tenderness to the guy – and he for certain will want to answer you with the same.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team