How to achieve from the young man of love and romanticism

How to achieve from the young man of love and romanticism

There is an opinion that the romantic needs to be born, and to the adult already not to impart this line in any way. However under the sensitive female management most of guys nevertheless are capable to give periodically to the girl that she wants – romantic evenings and champagne in a bed.


1. Make sure thatMake sure that you understand the same as the word "romanticism". Perhaps, for your young man the campaign to mountains, sitting at a fire and a song to the guitar is behind this word, and you the city young lady also do not represent how it is possible to derive pleasure when for a neck bite mosquitoes. The relations are always reciprocal concessions. It can turn out that the young man also lacks romanticism, only the.

2. Women do not want not just to be darlings, but also to periodically receive reminders on it and confirmations. However in order that the guy told you treasured words more often, it has to be pleasant not only to you, but also him. Support and encourage the young man, react to manifestation of its feelings, and then he will speak to you "I love" more often.

3. Take the initiative. If you regularly give romantic parties and will not begin to hesitate to tell him tender words, the guy will soon adopt your line of conduct. However do not overdo. Otherwise the young man can give all initiative in your charge.

4. Achieve romanticism in playful way. It is possible to compete who will arrange more pleasant moments during the day to the partner. Make the course of the first – bring to the young man in bed coffee with the toasts smeared with orange jam, gently whisper it on an ear a tender nickname. If you since the morning set a romantic spirit to your game, most likely, the guy with pleasure will support him.

5. If the last way did not work, it is possible to make a game of more obvious. Write lists of desires and exchange them with the man. This time we can describe all that you want: romantic walks on the embankment at sunset, a dinner at restaurant, the flowers and candles placed about the room. However be in reply ready to execute all whims of the guy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team