How to achieve love

How to achieve love

The love has thousands of definitions because each person understands it on the. For some it is passion, for others care, for the third - stable family life. The love is thousands of roads. And to achieve it, it is necessary to know what route our future second half moves.


1. To learn a route. Understanding of love consists of psychological features, social and cultural traditions of the person. For some norms - to pay for a dinner at restaurant in half, showing respect for the rights of the woman. Another to prove the feelings, it is necessary to build the house and to buy forty camels. Or to give birth to seven children. The less white spots will be on the card of the person, the it is simpler to lay a route to his heart.

2. To recognize itself. The love intoxicates, prevents to glance in the heart and dims mind. It seems to us that we can go to the world's end, sharply change the life and not regret then. But it not so. It is necessary to understand at what stage of a way we can curtail, having refused the feelings. And whether is vulnerable we it the person who was wanted to be won?

3. Mutual generosity. The love is a power exchange: spiritual, emotional, material, after all, physical. In order that feelings did not stand, and moved ahead, it is important to observe a certain speed. To be exact, to be guided by the rate of the second half. There are women who love that they were won in a roundabout way. There are those which do not like to muddle. Some men feel comfortable with the well-groomed and successful woman, others is necessary well-mannered and thrifty, the third - the party-goer. You should not practise in telepathy, all is better to find out directly.

4. To respect other person. Without respect, recognition of its rights, requirements of love cannot be. Though many understand love as the undivided power over other person. Such love will turn back terrible disappointment and the destroyed destiny. Some feelings cause for themselves others. Offenses give for themselves feeling of revenge. And mutual respect - mutual tenderness on which the brightest, beautiful and constant love blossoms.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team