How to achieve reciprocity from the guy

How to achieve reciprocity from the guy

You are in love, and there is a wish that your feelings became mutual. How to achieve it? In the world there is no magic recipe which as if on click will change the attitude towards you of the young man. However it is possible to try to make so that he became interested in your person. Perhaps, further he will reciprocate to you.


1. If you are interested in the young man - probably, you about him know a lot of things. Pay attention to its focus of interest, to his hobbies and a hobby. Try to study what is pleasant to it. It is not so difficult if you are in love with this person. Let him know that you are interested in this subject too (not important that it will be – sport, dances, a certain music or cars). Try to ask him questions, to get its advice.

2. Be not too persuasive that he did not understand that you actually just look for a key to it. He has to see that you are indeed keen on the same, than and it.

3. Study its tastes, that is learn what girls are pleasant to it. Such information can be obtained at his friends, schoolmates or classmates, girlfriends or the sister.

4. Become the girl of his dream! If it likes blondes with long hair and good manners, so get habits of the true lady, will grow hair and paint them in blond if by nature you have hair of other shade. If he loves cheerful girls, laugh loudly, catching sight to him. Especially over his jokes. If most of all it I attract glamourous beauties, it is necessary to become such. It is unlikely you will manage to attract attention if you always walk in jeans and men's shirts.

5. Strike it. Think up as to make it, you the woman. It can be anything. Perhaps, your remark how to restore a chair from mahogany or acquaintance to his idol? You need to blow his mind, to confuse, dumbfound, interest, attract interest.

6. If you could achieve its attention, become necessary for it. Assist it in its affairs, help with study. You do not become to it a servant, just try to become necessary that it could not do without you. You do not press on it, do not run behind it. Just be near. And at this time you can communicate with it. So that it to be pleasant to it.

7. The main thing – do not make a declaration of love to it the first. In your case it is equivalent to full and disgraceful delivery of fortress. On the contrary, it has to see that you have admirers. Perhaps, it even zarevnut. And jealousy sometimes – a love source.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team