How to achieve sympathy of the girl

How to achieve sympathy of the girl

It would seem, around there is a lot of beautiful, well-groomed and free girls. However among them there will always be unique whose attention and sympathy are most desired. To attract the pleasant girl not so difficult: rather sincerely it to want and to work a little over itself.

It is required to you

  • - new clothes.


1. Be not obsessed with drawing attention of the girl. If you attach the to the purpose too much significance, then surely make a set of annoying mistakes. Be not persuasive: if the sympathy between you only arises, the excessive persistence is capable to cause irritation only. Your purpose is to make so that the girl herself showed to you interest.

2. Pay attention to the appearance. The main thing is not to look ridiculously or it is too ordinary. If the girl whose attention you want to achieve puts on stylish and with taste, you are not able to afford a negligent or boring look. Thumb through fashionable men's magazines, get several new things and interesting accessories. Achieve ideal purity of clothes and footwear. All this not only will make you more attractive, but also will give to self-confidence.

3. Develop sense of humour. In this case the speech does not go at all about ability to pour jokes or to tell jokes. You learn to treat with irony the majority of vital difficulties, smile more, be not obsessed with failures, try to think unconventionally. Only in this case you will become easier and interesting person. It is extremely difficult to sense of humour to learn. But if you develop in yourself ability sharply and interestingly to comment on the events around, ability to relieve a charged atmosphere a tag a phrase, to any girl will be pleasant and comfortable with you.

4. Watch the girl and try as it is possible to know her better. Remember everything that is pleasant to her, listen to her and draw conclusions from the fact that she speaks about herself. Do not touch upon subjects, unpleasant for it. Sincere admire it, give the compliments based on its actual advantages.

5. Allow the girl to feel protected. Even it will be pleasant to the most emancipated feminist if you are able to besiege her offender or to help with the solution of a difficult problem. Become for the girl the friend and the man on whom it is possible to rely.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team