How to achieve the girl for whom you are a friend

How to achieve the girl for whom you are a friend

Perhaps, one of the most unenviable situations to which the guy - unrequited love can only get. He loves the girl – sincerely, all heart. For it she is the best in the world. And girl? She loves it too, but as friend. The close friend, reliable, sensitive and understanding near which it is quiet and cozy which can be told frankly a lot of things. To it it is good with it, it is pleasant to it, but as the friend. She does not perceive the guy as the man. So to do how to force the girl to look at itself "in a different way"?


1. It is possible to try the easiest way: to take courage and to frankly tell that you love it. If there is not enough determination to tell it words – write the letter, send the SMS-message. Sometimes it works. But, alas, there is a probability that it simply will not apprehend your words seriously, having taken them for "friendly subsplitting".

2. Or perhaps you have mutual friends who can tell it this secret. Perhaps, even you should not say that you asked it, and just to hint: "Look narrowly at it, he seems with you he is in love".

3. Try to make so that she found in you the qualities unknown to it earlier. You remember: the weaker sex is not indifferent to the strong, courageous men who proved in some touchy business. Certainly, here it is important not to go into extremes and not to risk too strongly and thoughtlessly. It is quite enough to pay himself attention, to pump up muscles if you cannot brag, correct it a bearing, go accurately dressed, tidy. Many guys do not consider it important, and it is vain.

4. Call to the aid attention. Collect about it fuller information. That it is pleasant it what jewelry and perfumery she prefers where she likes to spend free time. And it is delicate, unostentatiously try "to provide" it and if for this purpose it is necessary to learn to earn money – that, learn!

5. Carefully, without any roughnesses, disaccustom her to a habit to address you nearly hourly at the slightest pretext: behind council or sympathy. Let she will cease to see in you "the kind girlfriend". Such method is for this purpose good: from time to time under a specious excuse disappear. And then, when you will appear, you present it a gift even if very modest.

6. And – try to overcome the shyness! You remember: feel sorry for shy men of the woman, but do not love.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team