How to achieve the girl if she has a young man

How to achieve the girl if she has a young man

To get to fall in love the girl – difficult business. But it is even more difficult when she already meets someone. It is necessary to put a lot of effort, to include imagination and to really fascinate her. Only at full return there will be a chance to beat off the girl.

Well think before interfering with others relations. If this simple hobby, forget about it better. But if you are really in love, it is possible to try to beat off the girl. The complexity of this business depends on the relations in this couple: if they on the verge of parting, you need to push them to this decision only a little. But if between them really strong feelings, at you nothing can turn out.

Become her friend

For a start it is necessary to enter a close circle of her acquaintances. If you together study, work or go to some courses, you will be able to make friends without effort with it. Sometimes it is necessary to make efforts – to find mutual friends, to face it more often, to go to the same circle, as it. It is possible to try to come from far away – to begin to communicate on social networks, and then gradually to transfer communication to reality

Find out about it and her guy about more information. You have to are interested in merits and demerits of her gentleman, her hobby, interests, preferences. That it is pleasant to it in young men and that is not present. You need to understand the beloved and to find weak points of the rival. You spend more time together, showing your ideality. Find any her hobby which you will be able to divide. Suggest to resemble courses of languages, in dancing school or evenings to roller-skate. You need to remain more often alone, then you will be able to gain of it the confidence and to win. During the meetings show the parties which she appreciates in guys. You need to prove to be better than your rival.

Do the relations romantic

You do not pass too far into "a friendly zone". Give it unostentatious compliments, kiss on a cheek or embrace at a meeting and farewell. Touch it as though it is accidental. For example, hold by a hand in front of car, shake a nonexistent mote from a shoulder, accidentally face hands when walking. It is possible to suggest to tell fortunes on lines on a hand, and then to drive a finger on a palm and to prophesy happy destiny. When you feel that the girl got used to you, it is possible to disappear for a while. Warn that you go to a business trip or you visit the grandmother in the village. When you disappear from her life, she will miss and can reconsider the relation to you. If you hook on it very strongly, after your return it the first will suggest to meet. Wait for their quarrel to take the last step. Do not try to set by the ears them not to lose trust of the girl, just wait, and in their relations there has to be a dissonance. When she comes to complain to you of the guy, strong embrace her, kiss on the place between lips and a cheek, and then in a whisper on an ear: "I would never force you to cry and would carry on hands". After such phrase she, most likely, will mentally compare you, and will be with the winner.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team