How to acquaint mother with the guy

How to acquaint mother with the guy

Time to acquaint the guy with mother came? Such responsible and important point for two closest people for you should be planned and prepared carefully that they quickly found a common language, and your mother surely supported your choice.


1. You should not hurry with acquaintance. Both your mother, and your guy can be not ready to it. The unwillingness right now to enter into your family can specify not so much on lightness of its feelings to you how many on your haste quicker "to zakhomutat" the man.

2. If the guy himself began to show an initiative if he became "" in your life and itself wants to make friends with future mother-in-law, time to talk to parents came. Tell them that you had a beloved, answer all their questions of it. Let's them all the time consider, get used to this idea. In several days when mother ceases to worry and have a stress on the fact that the daughter already matured, begin to plan their acquaintance.

3. Special attention needs to be paid to your age difference with the guy. Keep in mind that parents with big friendliness will treat your age-mate. If your beloved is much more senior or is much younger than you, at your parents, most likely, it will cause discontent. Prepare them, adduce the arguments in favor of the choice, place emphasis on its advantages, welfare and other good points. At the first meeting, perhaps, it is possible and not to mention age.

4. Prepare for acquaintance and the guy. It is desirable that he approximately knew subjects on which he can keep up the conversation with your mother. It is better if it looks accurately, will come not empty-handed, will put on a classical suit or the ironed shirt and trousers. If your guy "is decorated" with piercing or tattoos, and parents are adherents of traditional appearance, be ready that it will be quite heavy to find a common language to them. But, to smooth the first impression, ask your gentleman to put on, for example, more simply and to behave less extravagantly.

5. Your behavior will play not the last role at acquaintance of the guy to mother. During acquaintance be ready to everything: to inquiries of mother about plans of the guy, to awkward pauses, to undisguised discontent or, on the contrary, excessive enthusiasm of parents, etc. Try to smooth acute angles. Change a subject if it pleased someone not, include all the charm and humour. Though this and important event, nevertheless is only the first meeting, but not a courtship. Even if your elect pleased not mother, to meet him further or not – to solve only to you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team