How to acquaint the girl with parents

How to acquaint the girl with parents

Acquaintance to parents - important and very responsible step in the relations between two people. Successful acquaintance can bring together you with each other even more, and unsuccessful, on the contrary, can become a reason for a quarrel. Most of people anyway listen to opinion of the parents therefore how they will treat your darling, a lot of things depend. As to acquaint the girl with parents that positive emotions remained with both parties?


1. Choose a right moment for acquaintance. Perhaps, it will be a family celebration, departure on the nature, etc. You should not bring the girl to get acquainted unexpectedly as someone from your parents can be not it is ready to it, for example, will feel badly at this moment that can spoil general impression from acquaintance. And the girl in such situation will uncomfortably feel. Warn also parents, and the second a half in advance that they were morally prepared for this event.

2. Before bringing the girl to get acquainted, tell briefly parents about her, about her character, her hobbies. Let they will have already some opinion on it. Naturally, try that this opinion was positive.

3. Prepare the darling for a campaign on a visit. Tell about the parents, about their occupations what questions, most likely, they will set that can interest them in her personality. It is necessary that the girl was more sure of herself and is quiet though some nervousness will be present all the same.

4. You as nobody else, you know what is pleasant to your parents. Therefore advise the girl that it is better to buy as a gift. Perhaps your father loves cognac, then it is possible to present it this drink in a beautiful bottle. And mother can present her favourite flowers and candies. It is not necessary to make too expensive gifts as it can look as attempt to deserve good attitude at the expense of material supplies. But also without gift to come too not really decently.

5. Advise as it is better for girl to put on. The first impression has to be good therefore it is important that your soulmate looked accurately, is well-groomed, stylish. If she adheres to any extraordinary style, then completely she does not need to change the image, but it is worth trying to soften it not to shock parents. And they should be warned that the girl puts on not absolutely for them habitually.

6. Let during the acquaintance the girl will try to behave easily and easy. You should not sit and be afraid to be told a word once again, but also the excessive garrulity can not be pleasant to your parents. Help the girl during the conversation, especially, if you see that she is nervous. Somewhere joke, somewhere give the conversation another turn if you see that the conversation begins to get an undesirable turn.

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