How to add to the novelty relations

How to add to the novelty relations

Married couples, even living in the full world and harmony, through a certain period of time begin to feel that the novelty of the relations is lost, there is nothing new, and their life gradually turns into a routine. How to change these feelings and to add to the novelty relations? In many respects depend on the correct answer to these questions ability of people to overcome moral difficulties and in general marriage fortress.


1. Remember the first months of acquaintance – you smiled more, joked, thought out something interesting. In a word, tried to be original and not dull to be pleasant to the partner. What prevents you to work at prospect of your relations now a little more?

2. If you want to add some highlight to your relations, it is possible to try to change habitual scenery for a start. These changes can be different in the scale. Perhaps, for you will be enough and shifts of furniture in the apartment or grandiose repair so far.

3. And, maybe, it is worth planning some unusual joint trip? For example, to go to a taiga or to pass on kayaks across the rough river. The place of your stay interestingly not in itself, and feelings what you will have, having appeared in a new situation, and new sides of character of your partner with which you will get acquainted.

4. Change the image. You go to beauty shop and make some unusual hairstyle. Change hair color and a make-up. Think over other clothes style. If you preferred classics or sports style before, try romantic or any other on which you, perhaps, reflected, but hesitated to apply.

5. Set for yourself some long-term goal over which achievement it is necessary to work in common. For example, to learn to float as it is able your second half (or to be engaged together). Or to raise money for purchase of the house, etc.

6. Analyze your present relations, daily affairs and acts, behavior. If you live every day according to the same scenario, do not recede from the habits and the developed traditions, it is no wonder that your relations turned into a routine, and impressions grew dull. Try to add to the usual day schedule something new or long ago forgotten.

7. Perhaps, it is necessary to go together to restaurant and to arrange a dinner by candlelight, to dance if you the last time did it in "deep" youth. And it is possible to make together something not ordinary. For example, to visit a cookery lesson, to start doing fitness or participate in a billiard tournament. Or to be ill for the favorite soccer team. It can refresh your passion!

8. Be not obsessed the friend with the friend. It is possible to add novelty to the relations, only communicating with other people and receiving any other impressions. Having expanded the communication horizons, you will be able to see something brand new in the relations of the friends and acquaintances, to take something interesting to yourself.

9. And, at last, it is possible, the most important: have with each other a heart-to-heart talk. Share the thoughts and doubts, discuss a situation and decide what it is better to do and how to arrive.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team