How to adjust and to spoil further the daughter's relation with mother

How to adjust and to spoil further the daughter's relation with mother

By no means not always the relations of the adult daughter and mother develop well and are confidential. It is difficult to very often close people to find a common ground and they become strangers. How to be if the relations of mother and the adult daughter develop not in the best way.

1. Even if weekdays are filled with household chores and work, then all the same it is worth calling mother two times a week, showing interest in her health and affairs.

2. The conflicts with mothers often arise when on the day off mother wants the daughter to arrive, and she has other plans. In this case you should not take a hard line. It is possible to offer such way of solving the problem – in some days off to go about the own business, and in others to visit mother.

3. It is not necessary to complain mothers of the husband even if he behaves or led not decently in relation to the wife, and especially to ask mother to interfere in case of the conflict with the husband.

4. If mother loves grandsons, wants to help with them and the state of health allows her, then you should not hurry to refuse her help. It is much better to leave grandsons with the grandmother who loves them, than with the stranger who needs to pay for service.

5. If mother cannot look after grandsons, then you should not insist on the and to enter the conflict about it.

6. It is possible for a thicket together with mother to walk on the city, to happen in cafe, on opening days, in the country. In such cases trusting relationship between people is often developed, and mother with the daughter can become girlfriends.

7. If mother and the daughter have the general hobby – needlework, reading, a flower cultivation, then it can bring together and make the relations closer too.

8. In case of a dispute with mother you should not be rude even if she appeared not the rights. It is necessary as it is possible to designate more quietly the position, having reasoned it at the same time. Perhaps, mother will side with the daughter after that.

9. If mother the widow, then in her life can quite appear the man. In case communication with the man does not bear in itself harm, then you should not criticize the man even if it was not pleasant. In case the admirer of mother causes concerns, costs delicately, without increase in tone to talk to her about it. Can quite be that fears of the adult daughter are vain.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team