How to adopt the child

How to adopt the child

Adoption is one of forms of the family device. In this case the adopted child is given the status of blood. Any grants on guardianship, any privileges.

To adopt the child – an important stage in life. Experts advise at first to complete a training course at "school for foster parents". As a result of work with psychologists, teachers you will be able to make the final decision on adoption. You remember: the refusal of the child admitted to family will turn into tragedy for it and for you.

But here the decision is made, and you step by step go towards the planned aim.

  • In municipal tutorship and guardianship authority it is necessary to write the application for desire to adopt the child and to receive the package of documents, necessary for issue of the conclusion about an opportunity to be an adoptive father. Responsible experts are obliged to check living conditions of future adoptive parents and to draw up the statement. After documents acceptance within 15 days the conclusion is issued and production of the candidate for account is carried out.
  • In the same place you receive list children which it is possible to adopt. Specialists of tutorship and guardianship authority are obliged to provide detailed information on your future child, to give the direction for its visit in the location and also the information about relatives.
  • You need to get acquainted with the child personally, to establish trusting relationship.
  • You have the right with the assistance of the representative of child care facility in whom there is a child, to independently examine the child in medical institution.
  • In writing you confirm that you studied documents on the state of health of the child.
  • At will it is possible to choose the child from a databank in bodies of the territorial subject of the Russian Federation. It is necessary to direct the application for desire to adopt the child and the conclusion issued in tutorship and guardianship authorities.
  • When all documents are ready and the child is chosen, you submit the petition. According to the statement of the candidate for adoptive parents the court makes the decision on adoption. If it is important to keep secrecy of adoption, then the court considers a question of change of date of birth, a name and a surname of the child, of writing down adoptive parents as parents in the REGISTRY OFFICE. The specialist of tutorship and guardianship authorities, the prosecutor are involved in judicial review. If the candidate is married, the consent of the spouse is necessary.

Having the judgment, the adoptive father has to take away at the scheduled time the child in the place of its stay personally. In bodies of civil registration to receive documents on adoption.

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