How to agree with neighbors whom noise from repair does not suit

How to agree with neighbors whom noise from repair does not suit

When for repair construction materials are already chosen and bought, and the design project is developed, it is impossible to forget about the most important point in preparation for repair. First, to avoid excess scandals, it is necessary to agree with neighbors.

Prevention of neighbors

For neighbors repair in the apartment in their house is a daily rumble and a roar of drills and hammers. To avoid any conflict situations, it is necessary to notify neighbors on the forthcoming repair in advance. The main objective comes down to coordinating a period of time and those days of the week when it is perhaps very noisy. At the same time, the loudest works, such as work as the Bulgarian or scraping of floors, it is better to carry out at that time day when neighbors are at work or outdoors. However it will be very difficult, all adjoining residents cannot please. And builders will not be able to arrange the working daily routine under all entrance. Therefore one more option is to hang up at an entrance the announcement with the indication of an operating schedule of builders that neighbors could coordinate independently time. Anyway neighbors need to be warned in advance then not to face sanitary and epidemiologic service which will be able to measure the level of admissible noise.

In the announcement it is also necessary to leave the phone number in case neighbors will be dissatisfied with work and that they did not call specialists of various services at once, and could agree personally. And can at them wishes according to the schedule of works of builders appeared.

Sanitary and epidemiologic rules of repair in an apartment house

According to rules of the sanitary and epidemiologic station, noise level in the afternoon, that is from 7 o'clock in the morning and till 23 o'clock, should not exceed forty decibels, and at night day, that is from 23 o'clock till 7 in the morning noise level – no more than thirty decibels. At the same time it is necessary to consider also year of construction of the building. For example, new buildings, especially with concrete walls, have remarkable acoustics. What will rattle and knock will repeatedly amplify in a sound and will resound on first floors. However the periods of time established by the sanitary and epidemiologic station do not meet with meanwhile which services of housing and communal services are established. ZhEKs allow to rustle in the afternoon, established from 6 o'clock in the morning till 22 o'clock on weekdays. It is also necessary to know legislative rules and rules as on the course of repair it will be possible to be cut off water supply or the electric power. Knowledge of normative legal acts is useful if it does not turn out to agree with neighbors amicably and it is necessary to assert the rights.

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